What’s with the cat?

How’s this for an idea: If your surname seems to be problematic for way too many people to pronounce, why not name your company after your pet? Brilliant? Inspired!

What? It’s been done? Fine, then. I’ll name my company after two of my pets.

That’s Annabel Lee in the middle, named by my daughter after the Edgar Allan Poe poem. Yes, she’s that kind of daughter. I love it.

Giving the cat moral support on the right is the late Jack, RIP. He really was a good soul. On the left is Jack’s successor, Olivia. She gives the cat high blood pressure and has yet to earn representation in the company name.

The picture is from a promotional piece I created when I began the business in earnest a few years ago. It is a binder cover insert, called The Kitty’s Konscience: AnabelJack’s Astonishing Office Oracle.*

The Kitty's Konscience

The piece is an “amalgamation of the art of divination and a first-rate office supply,” a decision-making tool, the history and use of which is fully recounted on the back. If you’d like your own copy, send me an e-mail and I’ll get it to you. AnabelJack is your friend and wants you to be confident of doing right, always.

*Disclaimer: AnabelJack does not normally condone the use of the letter “K” in a deliberate misspelling simply for cuteness’ sake; visual alliteration may seem like a good idea at first blush, but in the long run can only lead to escalated typographic atrocities such as “IM4U” and the like. Leave this kind of thing to the professionals!