Exhibit: Magazine Article

Geek Monthly Scalzi profile

Published in March, 2007, in new national consumer publication Geek Monthly. A profile of science fiction and blogging phenom John Scalzi.

Exhibit: Newsletter Insert

AG Lemonade insert

Written and designed to be placed in a chamber of commerce newsletter, and to whimsically demonstrate an AlphaGraphics franchise’s capabilities in variable data printing.

Exhibit: Ad

AD ad

A deal on re-creating business collateral inspired this. The letter says: “Marv: Need to contact our best customer out in the desert, but this is our last sheet of letterhead. Have you seen the camera-ready art? Last anyone saw, it was in a file over by the portable holes. Let’s find it pronto! Chuck” One’s entire childhood needs to have been lost to Saturday morning television to best appreciate it.

Exhibit: Newspaper Column

Sample Column

I wrote a column nominally on “The Arts” for the Sun Newspapers in suburban Cleveland. This entry was composed around the time several big-ticket tourist attractions were being built in-town. A reader wrote to complain I’d called New York’s Museum of Broadcasting a “tourist trap.” It being the mid-90s, you see, I had anticipated the resurgence of “snark” as a prose tone and was apparently an unappreciated prophet.

Exhibit: Interview

P. Clark interview

I was thrilled to be able to interview a few celebrities when they came to Cleveland. Stars of stage, screen and the airwaves and such. This was the one I enjoyed most — 60s pop star Petula Clark. The thing that blew my mind was that at 62 she was singing Queen songs in her act. I did not ask if she wore a harlequin unitard to sing We Are the Champions. I’m guessing, no. Like most reporters, I was not responsible for the puns in the headlines.