Exhibit: Book Covers

Final covers, followed by thumbnails of early alternate concepts.

Wildcat Banks

Exhibit: 2004 CHC Annual Report

2004 CHC Annual Report cover
2004 CHC Annual Report spread 1
2004 CHC Annual Report spread 2

Following a well-received 2003 30th anniversary report, this edition used the experience of one Community Health Center client/patient to frame the presentation of the services the organization offers. The project included me assisting in interviewing the subject and redesigning an array of departmental forms from scratch for illustrative purposes. The client has stated repeatedly that no previous annual report has elicited such positive feedback.

Exhibit: CHC Brochures and Newsletter

Misc. CHC layouts

The Community Health Center’s library of brochures was professionally done, but stylistically inconsistent. The intention with these re-designs was to bring the collection into a more comprehensive “family look.”

The objective with the Straight News was to freshen the look of the quarterly. I refined the flag, masthead and general presentation of the newsletter; cleaned up the layout, cropped photos better, and rearranged boilerplate elements to free space for additional content.

Exhibit: Kegg Pipe Organs Promotional CD

Kegg Pipe Organs promo CD

Created for a North Canton, Ohio, crafter of pipe organs to distribute at a pipe organ trade show and to use as an audio brochure. The package includes 16-page insert booklet, label and tray liner.

Exhibit: Logos

Various logos